Reservation FORM For Windows Advanced Surrounds


how to reserve your discount

We're sorry that we don't have the Windows builds of Stratus, Stratus3D, Symphony and Symphony3D.  At the last minute we discovered a problem in an essential library we rely upon.  So we decided to hold the Windows release until that's fixed.  We hope that it's a matter of just a few weeks.

We don't want you to pay for something you can't have right away.  But we also want you to be able to get the special discount that's going on right now.  So here's what we'll do.  If you fill out the form below, we'll let you know when the Windows builds are available.  We'll also send you a personalized discount code that will get you the same 30% discount on any purchase or upgrade that includes Stratus, Stratus3D, Symphony or Symphony3D. Only one code per customer, but that code will let you purchase any combination of those products or upgrades.

This feels like the fairest solution. We won't charge your card until you actually complete the purchase.  And you get the same discount that Mac users are getting right now.

Just fill out the form and we'll let you know when it's ready.  Please don't send duplicate forms.

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