Voice Effects in Excalibur

Not only are there four voices in Excalibur to create great sounding delay based effects, we've added voice effects in each engine that can be routed and modulated in every way imaginable. We suppose you could call it a multi-multi-multi-effects unit! 

Selecting an Effect

It's easy to add an effect to any voice. The parameters for the voice live on the right side of the interface.  If no effect is selected, this area is blank, with just a couple of buttons. The top button allows you do select a voice.  The bottom button lets you copy values from another page--a huge time saver.





Clicking on the selector button  will bring up a selector. All you have to do is choose the effect you want.  Once you've selected an effect, the page will be populated with parameters for that effect. The graphic below shows the distortion effect. You can see the modulator buttons that allow selected effect parameters to be changed dynamically.






  • Chorus - a classic effect that's found its way to voice, guitar and all sorts of tracks
  • Flanger - no stomp box needed for this popular sweeping effect
  • Phaser - a subtle effect that can add life to many sources
  • Ring Modulator - from robot voices to squawk boxes
  • Resonators (four different configurations) - sympathetic resonance can add ghosting to all sorts of material
  • Distortion - several modes.  From subtle warming to hard saturation. With a twist.
  • Resonant Filter - a classic 70's effect that still useful.  Whether an automatic wah or something else entirely
  • Glide - an all-purpose toolkit for modeling years gone by.  Bit-reduction down to 4-bit (with optional precompression). Subtle (or extreme) pitch modulation.  Brickwall filtering.
  • Vintage Shifter - the 80's are back with this dual shifter.  Whether doubling voices or creating spiraling effects.  You know this sound
  • Reverb - a simple verb that sounds great in a flanger. Whether simple rooms or pulsating spaces.  You need this.

Post Effects

Most of the voice effects can be optionally followed by Chorus, Flanger or Phaser.  All in a single voice.

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