When you purchase an upgrade, your iLok account will be scanned to make sure you have a license for the product you're upgrading from.  This will happen at the time you redeem your upgrade code. If you do not have the actual product you're upgrading from, you may incur administrative charges from Exponential Audio.

Here’s a video that shows you how to find licenses on your account

For example, if you purchase an upgrade from PhoenixVerb to the stereo bundle, you must have a PhoenixVerb license in your iLok account. When you move the bundle license to your iLok, you'll surrender the original PhoenixVerb license (surrendering is an automatic process). Don't worry. That license will be replaced as part of the new upgraded license. If there is no PhoenixVerb license on your iLok, the bundle will not work. The only way you'll be able to make it work is to go purchase a PhoenixVerb. There's no refund. 

If you have an NFR license (you have an educational license or a review copy), upgrades are generally not supported. You can't upgrade from a subscription license.


Also, be sure you understand that you will not be able to split the bundle after an upgrade. While you can move the bundle between iLoks in your account, all licenses must be on a single iLok. 

So make sure that you have all of your licenses in place before you purchase an upgrade. If you don't understand this policy, please contact Exponential Audio through the contact page.

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