The Exponential Advantage

Knowing the market

Exponential Audio is tied deeply into the market--both for music and post.  The sound and the features are there because that's what you've asked for.

We spend a lot of time getting feedback from users in top music and post production studios, our plug-ins exist because Exponential Audio listens.


All Exponential Audio products are designed so that no parameter is more than a click away.  The most important parameters are always right in front of you.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of presets in each and every Exponential Audio plug-in.  You can find them by application-specific keywords and you can put any of them on your own personal favorites list (it takes only a click).  You can search by name as well. You can make and save your own presets and easily make any new keyword that fits into the way you think.

Eucon Support

All Exponential Audio plugins support EUCON, which means they integrate with Avid and Euphonics consoles of all types.

If you don't like mice, you don't have to use them.




Exponential Audio plug-ins are easy on the CPU, right out of the gate.  But it doesn't stop there.

Each plug-in monitors its own activity and will shut itself off when it's not busy.  When audio starts again, so does the plug-in--without losing a sample.

This novel feature works in any DAW.


Exponential Audio supports all major plugin formats on both Mac and Windows.  Plug-ins will run on nearly every workstation there is. If you're not sure about yours, just ask. Any preset you make is available on any DAW you may run on that machine. The days of incompatible presets are over. 


You're not likely to have a problem, but if you do Exponential Audio stands ready to help.  Your problem is our problem and getting you back to work is our highest priority.


There are lots of new features in Exponential Audio plug-ins that you won't find anywhere else.

The front of the pack is where we want to be.