Why is Exponential Audio supporting subscription sales?

There are many facilities--schools and some film studios for example--who find it easier to work with subscriptions. Sometimes it's because they have only a temporary need for a plugin. Sometimes it's because of the way their accounting structures work.  Perhaps they'd like an extended period to work with plugins before deciding on a purchase. Whatever the reasons, subscriptions can be a helpful alternative.

How do subscriptions affect users who have permanent licenses?

They don't.  It's as simple as that. If you have a permanent license, you'll continue to get the same support you always have. You'll get every update that a subscription customer gets and you'll get those updates at the same time. You won't be charged for those updates either. Nothing changes for you.

Is Exponential Audio pushing permanent licensees into subscriptions?

No, no and no. There are some software vendors who appear to be pressuring users into forfeiting permanent licenses in favor of annual support payments. That's not the way things work at Exponential Audio. Cows may get milked, but customers don't. You purchased a plugin and you get support for it.  It's that simple.

Exponential Audio is an independent privately-held company.  There's no board of directors.  There are no bean-counters.  Wall Street doesn't get a voice here. We exist because we love being part of the audio industry.  The decisions made here are based on the relationships we've built directly with you. Call us old-fashioned.  Please.

Will subscription customers be allowed to convert to full licenses at a discount?

Yes.  Special deals will be available for any subscriber who's had a package for 12 months or longer

What happens when a subscription runs out?

There's a short grace period, but after that the plugin just stops working. Renewing the subscription or purchasing a full license will get things going again.

Can I resume a subscription that's expired?

Yes. You can start and stop whenever you wish.

If I create a session with a subscription license, will that session work with a full license?

Absolutely.  There's absolutely no difference in the plugins or the way they save data.  Sessions are fully compatible.