Welcome to the Exponential Audio Subscription Center

If you prefer a subscription model for your software, then this is the place. You have a choice of two bundles and two different subscription durations.  You can subscribe for as long as you need the plugins and save money when you don't.  Subscriptions can be started and renewed at any time.


Subscriptions are managed by Gobbler, and all billing will be managed through your Gobbler account.  You'll receive notifications of plugin updates and can download directly through your Gobbler app. If you don't already have a Gobbler account, then you'll be able to set one up as part of the subscription process. You'll need an iLok2 for your licenses.

How does it work?

Gobbler has a page in their Knowledge Base that tells you how the process works.

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Can I convert a permanent license to a subscription?
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I already have a permanent license? I need to bring in additional mixers to finish a big project. Can I get subscriptions for them?
Can I suscribe for a month, then take a month off, then subscribe again?
My work computer isn't connected to the web. Can I still subscribe?

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Subscribe to the Stereo Reverb Bundle + Excalibur

Includes PhoenixVerb, R2 and Excalibur. Perfect for music production of any sort.

Subscribe to the Super Reverb Bundle + Excalibur

Includes PhoenixVerb, R2, PhoenixVerb Surround, R2 Surround, Excalibur. Add post-production, stage shows and blu-ray mixing to your arsenal.

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