Stratus & Symphony Artist Testimonials

Professional post-production mixers and composers give honest feedback about Exponential Audio Stratus and Symphony 3D reverb plug-ins. These professionals have been putting Stratus and Symphony 3D reverb plug-ins through their paces on top movies and TV shows, read to find out what they think. Stratus and Symphony are destined to be the industry-standard reverb plug-ins for those working in surround and immersive formats.

Marti D. Humphrey, CAS

President/Re-Recording Mixer, The Dub Stage, Burbank, California US.

"Nothing short of phenomenal!"

"I am currently mixing a film in Dolby Atmos and have had the extreme pleasure of using Exponential Audio’s new “Stratus 3D” and “Symphony 3D” Reverbs on the project. The sound of these plug ins in an Immersive Space are nothing short of phenomenal! With the well thought out categories that total nearly 1500 presets, 

it allows you to quickly narrow down a sound that you are looking for. The layout and visual feedback make things easy to identify where you are sending the verb to and the amount of, which would normally be a challenge on other reverbs that aren’t necessarily suited for Immersive Sound Mixing.

Today I played back a scene with my Dialog Sound Editor Justin Walker, when he heard the “Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D” he immediately said these immersive reverbs sound “Wicked”. I couldn’t agree more! I’m having a “wickedly” good time mixing with these two Michael Carnes' created Exponential Reverbs!"

"Extreme versatility covers all grounds"

Alexis Feodoroff & Tim Chaproniere

Park Road Post, New Zealand.

"Stratus and Symphony are excellent additions to our reverb arsenal. Not only do they sound great, but their extreme versatility covers all grounds. As most of our projects are mixed in Dolby Atmos, having access to these great immersive reverbs adds nothing but quality and excitement to our mixes."

Scott Michael Smith


The Revenant, Handmaid's Tale

"Everything Exponential has done here just makes sense"

"The Symphony and Stratus verbs aren't just colors to choose from, they're each their own palette. As with all Exponential products the depth and richness of these reverbs is unmatched in the digital world. Everything Exponential has done here just makes sense, from the routing to the awesome warp features." 

Composer/Music Editor.

The Hobbit, District 9, Bilal 

"An oceanic set of possibilities"

"Michael Carnes and Exponential Audio raise the bar on reverb plugins yet again. Both Stratus and Symphony combine an exciting set of flexible tools into elegant, beautiful sounding multi channel immersive reverberation. These are crucial digital tools with an oceanic set of possibilities."

"The sheer depth of these plugins is astounding"

Christopher Doucet


Strawberry Sound

“I used Symphony and Stratus exclusively on my latest score and was blown away by how much flexibility the new features offered me while maintaining the same intuitiveness I’ve come to love from Exponential Audio. The sheer depth of these plugins is astounding, especially in the 3D versions where the expandability to immersive formats pushes it over the top, yet, with all of this and more, I never find them overwhelming. To me, the simplicity and ease of use is just as impressive as its vast tweekability. While I’ve only scratched the surface, it’s clear that Exponential Audio has really raised the bar with Stratus and Symphony and it’s inspiring to have a tool that I can continue to grow into…...especially when expanding into larger immersive formats.” 

Will Files

Supervising Sound Editor & Re-recording mixer.

Star Wars (The Force Awakens), Dead Pool, Fantastic 4, War for the Planet of the Apes

Very natural, silky smooth

"WOW, these new verbs sound GREAT.  Right out of the box with no tweaks, I’m just loving the sound.  Very natural, silky smooth and dense without the metallic shimmer you get from most algorithmic reverbs.  Very cool!  Excited to dive in and play around with it more but I can already tell these two are going to be in heavy rotation in future mixes."

Jake Proctor

Sound Designer / Film Mixer

"Can't recommend them enough"

“Between Stratus and Symphony, you’d be hard pressed to find a space you couldn’t dial in with clarity, control and definition. As a Re-recording mixer, I can't tell you how invaluable the early reflections module has been, especially with how light Stratus and Symphony are on my CPU, allowing me to have as many instances as I want for each element like Dialogue, Foley / SFX, and Music which has been adding greatly to the realism in the final mix. As a sound designer, the freeze function is a blast to play with! Can't recommend them enough."