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About Bundles

Purchasing plugins in a bundle can save money.  But there are restrictions you must know about.

  • Please be sure that you understand that a bundle cannot be split. 
  • You can't divide that bundle across two iLoks. If you need licenses on different iLoks, then please purchase individual licenses. 
  • You can't sell a single plugin from a bundle.  You must sell the entire bundle.

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Stereo Reverbs, Effects and Bundles

Product Price
R4 Full License €289
NIMBUS Full License €193
Pro Stereo Reverb Bundle Full License
PhoenixVerb Full License €115
PhoenixVerb + M7Control Full License
PhoenixVerb License and M7Control
R2 Full License €229
R2 + M7Control Full License
R2 and M7Control
Excalibur Full License €168
M7Control Full License €96
PhoenixVerb + Excalibur Bundle Full License
PhoenixVerb and Excalibur
R2 + Excalibur Bundle Full License
R2 and Excalibur
Stereo Reverb Bundle
The original classics. Full License
PhoenixVerb and R2
Stereo Reverb Bundle + M7Control Full License
PhoenixVerb, R2 and M7Control
Stereo Reverb Bundle + Excalibur Full License
PhoenixVerb, R2 and Excalibur
Stereo Reverb Bundle + Excalibur + M7Control Full License
PhoenixVerb, R2, Excalibur and M7Control

Surround Reverbs and Bundles

Product Price
Stratus €359
includes Stratus
Symphony €449
includes Symphony
Advanced Surround Bundle
includes Stratus and Symphony
Advanced Surround 3D Bundle
includes Stratus,Symphony,
Stratus3D and Symphony3D
All Surround Bundle
includes Stratus,Symphony,
PhoenixVerbSurround and
All Surround 3D Bundle
includes Stratus,Symphony,
Stratus3D, Symphony3D,
PhoenixVerbSurround and

PhoenixVerb Surround €300
R2 Surround €394
PhoenixVerb Surround + Excalibur €384
R2 Surround + Excalibur €488
Surround Reverb Bundle
PhoenixVerb Surround
R2 Surround
Surround Reverb Bundle + Excalibur
PhoenixVerb Surround
>R2 Surround and

Shortly after you have completed your order, you will receive an automated email with a license code.  If you do not see this email within a few minutes, check your spam folder to make sure the message has not been blocked.

Are you interested in a package you don't see here?

A few additional bundles are available that aren't currently on the store page. Until they're added, feel free to ask a Pre Sales question on the Support Page. We might have just the package you're looking for.

What about VAT?

Exponential Audio does not withhold sales tax or VAT except in the State of Utah. It is up to the purchaser to report any purchase and to handle the taxes.  If you need a formal receipt after the sale, just get in touch and we're happy to provide it.