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Our plug-ins are the best sounding and give best-in-class performance from native processing. 

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Phoenix Verb is possibly the cleanest reverb we've ever heard. Ultimately, this is an excellent reverb, powered by its own distinctive algorithm with its own particular strengths, yet no real weaknesses. A storming debut for Carnes' new marque, then. 
Music Radar


Exponential Audio Nimbus is without a doubt in the reference class of native room simulators translated from German

Andreas Ecker, Releasetime


"These reverbs to my ears demonstrate their designer's pedigree and are the best that I have ever heard"
Mike Aiton,
Audio Media


I find myself keeping mental notes on my favorite plates, and R2's was among the most musical that I'd ever used.

Dave Hidek, TapeOp


"Exponential Audio may be a new company, but PhoenixVerb and R2 look set to provide strong competition to more established rivals." 
Sound On Sound


The vast soundscapes and treatments possible along with low CPU usage and flawless operation make it [Excalibur] a must-have processor.

Mix August 2015

"Amazing reverb, stunning sound, I just love it!" Mike Thornton.
Pro Tools Expert

"Phoenix Verb is an easy to use reverb plug-in for realistic natural reverbs that are as pure as possible" 
Logic Pro Expert

Not only does it have a vast range of capabilities, the diversity of its proficiencies is most impressive.

SoundBytes May 2018

"With so much control over the exact way reverberation sounds in my mixes, PhoenixVerb and R2 are must-have plug-ins" 
Barry Rudolph, New Toys

"If you like a polished and smooth sound, you should download the demo of R2" 

on Excalibur: "Astonishingly, the plugin needs very little CPU, even with more complicated effects."

Keys DE

"All in all, here we have a great-sounding, highly configurable reverb ... we are looking forward to more from Exponential Audio." 
Delamar DE

"Michael Carnes is no stranger to reverbs. He worked for many years at Lexicon and in the development of the Lexicon 960L...  the handwriting of the developer is clearly manifested in both plug-ins." 
ProAudio DE


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