Does R4 sound like R2, just with more parameters?
How similar are R4 and NIMBUS?
I've saved some sessions that used R2. If I take R2 off my system will R4 load in place of R2?
Is R4 offered in bundles with other plugins?
Can I get a student or teacher discount for R4?
I already have R2. Will I get a free R4 upgrade?
I have another Exponential Audio plugin. Can I trade it in for R4?
I need to sell the R4 to another user. Can I?

What sort of reverb architectures does R4 support?
Do R4 Plates and Chambers sound like the ones in NIMBUS?
Many reverbs don’t do a good job with small rooms. What about R4?
What versions of OSX do you support?
Does R4 work on Sierra (macOS 10.12)?
Why don't you support Snow Leopard or Lion?
What versions of Windows do you support?
What about Windows XP?
What plugin formats do you support?
Why no 32-bit plugins except for AAX?
Reaper feels sluggish when running an Exponential Audio plugin. What's going on?
What DAWs do R4 work in?
Are there any DAWs that don’t support R4?
What is that Favorites button about?
What is the Tail Flush preference?
What about the Load on Keyword preference?
What about the Display Preset preference?
What about this Processing Threshold menu?
Do you support AudioSuite on Pro Tools?
Do you support Pro Tools GUI automation shortcuts?/a>
How many presets come with the plugins?
How do you find your way around all those presets?
Why do I have to use your popup menus to load presets? Can’t you have a forward/back button?
I have an Avid or Euphonix control surface. Do you support it?
Do these plugins require iLok? Can I authorize my computer instead?
Do these plugins support MIDI?
Are these native plugins? Is there a DSP version?
I have a workstation that supports custom GUIs for plugins. I can't control some of your parameters with my custom GUI. Why not?
My workstation program isn't on your compatibility list. Should I try it?
Do these plugins transmit data to Exponential Audio or to any marketing entity?
I've got a great idea for R4 and I'd like you to think about putting it in the plugin. What do I do?

I have a problem that isn't described here. What do I do?

I have another question that isn't answered here.  How can I find out what I need to know?

Why not check the General FAQ page? If that doesn't cover your question, then please take a look at the Exponential Advantage page.  If you still have a question after that, then drop a line using the form right here