The Exponential Audio Privacy Policy

Exponential Audio values your personal information and feels you're entitled to know exactly how it's used. This page will enumerate the types of data that might be included and just what happens with it.

Email address and contact information

When you redeem a license (or a demo) in your iLok account, the name of your account and your email are automatically sent to Exponential Audio. This information goes into a contact database so that we can let you know about product updates, news or promotions.  We try not to come into your inbox too often, and it's only on rare occasions that you'll hear from Exponential Audio more than once every month or so.  You can opt out at any time (here's where you do it).

We also provide a way for you to join the mailing list, whether you have licenses or not.  It gives us a way to learn a little more about your needs--what operating system you use, whether you do music or post, etc. You will notice that we ask for only the minimal we need to get in touch.  We don't ask for a phone number, a street address, or even the country you live in. A name and an email address is all we need. And you can opt out whenever you want.

This information is not shared with anyone else.  And it won't be. It's only used by Exponential Audio to get in touch with you.  The mailing list isn't shared with any other company, individual or government. It may be that your email service (if you use a free service) will automatically data-mine your communications, but that's between you and your service.  Our data is stored on Exponential Audio computers that are on-site and protected by multiple firewalls and secure practices.  Our contact mailings are generated right here in the office, so your personal information isn't shared with bulk email services.

What does Exponential Audio know about you?

  • We know your name (maybe--many people use pseudonyms or stage names in their accounts).
  • We know your email address.
  • We know which of our plugins you've bought or tested
  • We know your iLok account name (if you've purchased or tested something). We don't know your password.
  • We may know if you work in music, post or gaming or if you teach.  But that's only because you shared that with us.
  • We know your contact preferences--when or if you want to hear from us.  You can change those preferences at any time.

We don't know your age, gender, ethnic makeup or where you live.  We don't know your politics, where you shop, what you buy. We don't know how much money you make, your hobbies or anything else that's not in the list above. We don't cross-reference your data with any other data. We just want to reach you with information about our own products. We don't track to see other websites you visit.  Our database has the minimum information possible.

If you make a purchase

If you purchase software from Exponential Audio, we may be provided with some address information. This depends largely on your account with Paypal or Stripe--our card-processing services.  They will ask your address in order to verify that you can legally use the card.. That transaction data  doesn't enter our contact database. We never receive your credit card information. That only goes as far as the service handling the transaction.  We don't see it and we don't want to.

Information about your computer

All Exponential Audio plugins generate a log file that keeps track of significant events related to the operation of the plugins.  That log file is on your computer and is not transmitted to us.  If you report a problem, you may be asked to send the log file to customer support.  This file has a little bit of information about your computer--just enough to help with debugging.  This is a text file and you're always welcome to inspect it before you send it along.  There's nothing in there except information about the plugin, and the easiest way for you to know that is to be able to look at the file. The plugin's info page tells you where the log file is.

Information about your visits to this website

The website may keep session cookies to make your visit go smoothly.  It may be that other websites pass tracking cookies around (some mobile phone services do this even when you ask them not to). But we don't look at that.  We do use some web metrics to know how people get to this site (we don't  identify visitors personally), but we're not at all interested in anything other than effectively reaching our customers. Exponential Audio does not keep any information about you other than the contact information you've passed to us.

But we do make use of social media and it's quite likely that those sites keep a lot of information about you. This is generally well-known, but it's never a bad idea to make yourself aware of what happens when you drive around the web.  But that's not the mission of Exponential Audio. All we care about is making software that helps you to do the best work you can.

Plugin communication over the Internet

Exponential Audio plugins attempt to read a version file a few seconds after startup. A small file is read from the net--no information is transmitted back to Exponential Audio or to any other entity. The information is read by the plugin so that you can be informed when a newer version is available.  Most current versions of the plugins read this information from, but occasionally may read from, so that the intent is clearer.  You can block this access if you wish and operation of the plugin will not be affected at all.  This is intended purely as a convenience for you.