Lost your iLok?  Ilok Stolen? iLok Broken? CPU LICENSE LOST?

here's What To Do.

Policy for Broken iLok

PACE (the iLok people) will take care of you directly.  Report the iLok as broken using this link.  PACE will ask you to return the iLok and they'll recover your licenses and then send you a new one.  If you have a spare iLok (always a good idea), they'll issue you temporary licenses right away so that you can get back to work in no time.  You do not need to contact Exponential Audio at all.  Please read PACE policies carefully when you report the broken iLok, just in case those policies have changed.

Policies for lost or stolen iLok

The very best policy is to purchase ZDT from Pace, with the TLC option. This will give you very quick and affordable insurance to cover lost or stolen iLoks and to get all of your licenses replaced within hours.  But whether or not you have coverage, you must first report broken, lost or stolen iLoks to PACE, using this link. Exponential Audio is unable to help you until we've received notification from PACE that you've reported a problem.

Policy for lost CPU license

If you have placed a license on your CPU and the CPU is lost, crashed or otherwise damaged, please use this contact page to let us know.  We can reset your license for the same fee. Please be aware that we may refuse this reset if you've had multiple problems.

If you have ZDT/TLC

Then PACE will take care of you very quickly.  You don't need to contact Exponential Audio at all.

If you don't have ZDT/TLC

Then contact us using this form.  You will receive an invoice for $25 for administrative costs.  All Exponential Audio licenses on your iLok will be replaced or you will receive license codes at the discretion of Exponential Audio.

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Name (you will receive invoice at this address)
CPU License?