It’s time for a little holiday at Exponential Audio. We’ll be closed from December 25th until January 2. So we may not see your support requests for a while. We’d like to wish you a happy holiday and a prosperous 2019.

Policies on Sales of Exponential Audio Licenses

Some Exponential Audio licenses can be sold to other users.  Eligible transfers are subject to 2 fees:

  • A fee paid to PACE (the iLok people). That is currently $25.

  • An administrative fee paid to Exponential Audio. That fee is $25, paid in US dollars

Is your license eligible for sale or transfer?

Only full licenses can be sold or transferred.  If you have an NFR, Educational or Promotional license, you can not sell it. You can check your type of license by launching iLok License Manager and logging into your account. Then do the following.

  • Click on your main account area (blue button at upper left)

  • Make sure that All Licenses is selected from the menu bar at the top of License Manager. A list of all your licenses will appear at the top of License Manager.

  • Double-click on the license you wish to transfer. You should see a Details pane appear. If not, click Show Details at the bottom right of the window.

  • You will now see a list of details about your license. Look for Allow Transfer. If it says No then you cannot sell or transfer the license.

Can you sell part of a bundle and keep the rest?


The License iS Transferable.  What next?

Stop!  Before you do anything, please make sure that the email in your iLok account is your current email address.  You can do this from your preferences in iLok License Manager or on  Many times, people have out-of-date email addresses in their iLOK accounts and we have no way to reach them.  The invoice will go to the address of you iLok account!

Now follow these steps:

  • In License Manager, select the license you wish to transfer

  • Look for the Licenses entry at the menu at the top of your screen. Click.

  • Select the Transfer License option and begin the process.

You'll first pay the PACE fee.  Exponential Audio will then receive a transfer request from PACE and will issue an invoice to the address of your PACE account.  We will issue an invoice to you using PayPal (usually within 24 hours).  Pay the invoice and then (usually within another 24 hours) the transfer will complete. If an invoice is not paid within 7 days, the transfer is subject to cancellation.