Order form for M7Control for Exponential REVERB Owners


If you already own an Exponential Audio reverb (PhoenixVerb, R2, NIMBUS, PhoenixVerb Surround or R2 Surround, NIMBUS), you can add M7Control at very low cost.  It is a  permanent license--you just can't resell it.  Please fill out this form and your account will be checked for qualifying licenses. If everything is in order, you'll receive a Paypal invoice (you can use a Paypal account or a regular credit card). Do not enter any credit card information on this form.  Exponential Audio will move as quickly as possible to fulfill your order and get your upgrade to you. If there's any problem at all, we'll be right in touch. When your order is complete, the license code will be transmitted to you.

Please remember that NFR (Not for Resale) licenses do not qualify for upgrades to other Exponential Audio products.  You must have an Exponential Audio Reverb (Excalibur excluded) to qualify.

Note: This order will be processed by a real human being (not a robot).  So there could be up to a day's delay before you hear from us.  Please do not post your order more than once. Thanks!

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Your account will be checked for qualifying licenses. When your order is complete, new licenses will be placed in your account. This account name is case-sensitive so please be sure to enter it correctly.
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You will receive an invoice for payment.  If payment is not completed within 24 hours, the order is subject to cancellation.