You may have a complex surround bundle that you'd like to upgrade to Stratus or Symphony.  A complex suround bundle is a bundle that includes PhoenixVerbSurround or R2Surround in combination with a stereo plugin like Excalibur, PhoenixVerb or R2.  Now there's an upgrade path for you.

Rather than creating more and more complex bundles, this upgrade will convert your existing bundle into two bundles.  There will be a bundle that includes all your surround licenses, along with the new licenses.  There will be a separate bundle that includes your stereo licenses. You won't lose any licenses and you may actually gain some convenience. This procedure must be handled by us directly.  We'll update your account by hand.

After we receive your request, we'll verify your account and send you an invoice using PayPal (you can use a credit card for this invoice).  When payment is complete, we'll swap your licenses.  Please make sure the licenses are off your iLok and back in your account when you pay the invoice.

All payments are in US Dollars.  PayPal will add any currency conversion fees.

Please remember that NFR (Not for Resale) licenses do not qualify for upgrades to other Exponential Audio products. 

Note: This order will be processed by a real human being (not a robot).  So there could be up to a day's delay before you hear from us.  Please do not post your order more than once. Thanks!

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Your account will be checked for qualifying licenses. When your order is complete, new licenses will be placed in your account. This account name is case-sensitive so please be sure to enter it correctly.
What upgrade would you like? *
Check the upgrade you need. Note: The All Surround Bundle includes both Stratus and Symphony.
Anything else you need to say?

You will receive an invoice for payment.  If payment is not completed within 24 hours, the order is subject to cancellation.