Order form for Advanced Surround UPGRADE for Exponential AUDIO Owners

We can't possibly get every upgrade path onto the upgrade center.  You may have a product (or multiple products) that qualify you for any of the Advanced Surround reverbs.  That includes Stratus, Symphony, their 3D versions or bundles that include them both. With this form, you can contact us and we'll check it out for you. . We'll send you a code for the appropriate discount. All sales in US dollars.

A demo license or NFR license does not count toward an upgrade. Neither do EDU licenses. Your iLok account will be checked to confirm your existing licenses. Exponential does not withhold VAT except in the state of Utah.

What happens to your existing licenses?

You'll keep all of your existing licenses, but there is a chance we may rebundle what you have.  It depends on the upgrade.

Supported Platforms

  • 64-bit only. VST, VST3, AU , AAX

  • 3D only supported in AAX and VST3

  • Windows 7 - Windows 10

  • OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above.

Note: This order will be processed by a real human being (not a robot).  So there could be up to a day's delay before you hear from us.  Please do not post your order more than once. Thanks!

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Which Advanced Surround Reverb do you want? *

We are located in the western United States, so it may take several hours to respond if you've contacted us outside of regular business hours. Here's what will happen: After your account has been verified, you will receive a discount code and a purchase link. Click on the purchase link and place R4 into your cart. Use the discount code and complete payment.  As soon as you complete payment, your license will automatically be emailed to the address used for payment.