Modulation in Excalibur

Modulation means change.  In the case of Excalibur, it means changing all sorts of parameter by automatic means. There's a huge list of modulation sources.

This is the list of modulation sources (shown from the popover selector window). There are LFOs of course, as well as signal levels, random values, soft controls and combinations.

LFOs can be driven by any of four frequency sources (Gens). Different waveforms can be driven from a single Gen and those waveforms can be offset from one another by any desired phase. This means that complex effects can be easily phase-locked. And of course the frequency of the Gen can itself be modulated.

There's also a smoothing filter for each modulator.

The depth of the modulation effect can be specified individually for any modulated parameter.  And that can also be moderated by the soft controls shown below.

There are two special controls on the GUI, the Soft Knob and the Soft Switch. They can be modulation sources, just like a Low Frequency Oscillator.  The difference is that they're under your control. A soft control can be used to subtly change some part of a preset.  Or it can be used to make radical changes.  The choice is completely up to the preset developer.  That's you.


An example of a modulator in action is shown here. The output EQ of Voice 1 is being modulated by input level (in this case, it's L+R). The base frequency of the filter is set to 450Hz (top center of window).  The frequency can be modulated upward by as much as 1300Hz at maximum input level. The modulator source is being smoothed.

Because the modulation source has "+ Knob", this maximum modulation amount is also controlled by the knob.  If the knob is at less than maximum, input level will have less of an effect. The modulation effect could also be gated by the soft switch.

The graphic on the lower right part of the window shows the modulation source in real time.  The graphic at upper right shows how the EQ is being affected.

This page shows only one example of a modulator. As shown on the architectural chart, input/output/feedback gains can be modulated. So can pans and EQs.  So can delay time. So can voice effects. Excalibur is alive.

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