Meet Excalibur - The Multi Effects Plugin

Excalibur is the most powerful and flexible effects plug-in you can find.

Imagine a multi-effects unit that works like a modular synth and you're starting to get close to the heart of Excalibur.

“Emulation is nice, but we wanted to take that and build on it, adding all the things you could have never have done with the original hardware units”

Listen to Excalibur audio examples

Why Excalibur?

Michael Carnes was never satisfied with the multi-effects processors of the past. 

In this short video interview he talks about the vision he had to create Excalibur - the multi-effects plug-in.






In the second part, we learn about some of the basic features.


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What Professionals Are Saying About Excalibur

Gary Lux

I’ve been an early advocate of the PhoenixVerb and R2. They are all over my mixes these days. And I am truly in awe of the new Excalibur effects processor. Not because of all the presets and options packed into this amazing plugin, but because it sounds fantastic….which is something I’ve come to expect from Exponential Audio and something I demand if it’s going to be used on my mixes!

Gary Lux - Emmy Award Nominated Mixer.

Kenny Gioia


"Finally, one of those products that actually lives up to the hype.

I don't know how I've lived without this"

Kenny Gioia - Multi-Platinum songwriter, record producer, recording engineer and mixer.


"Working in film scores, one is always looking for flexible, reliable and great sounding tools. For colouristic sonic explorations and transformations, subtle or extreme, Excalibur is truly wonderful. It is a compelling, and addictive, addition to any cinematic sound world. "

Stephen Gallagher - The Hobbit, King Kong, Precinct 9


A very short video that points out several details on the Excalibur GUI

A ten-minute walkthrough that illustrates basic navigation in Excalibur