M7Control Demo

Exponential Audio offers a free 21-day demo of M7Control. This is a fully functional plugin, limited only by time. In order to run the demo, you will need iLok License Manager on your computer. iLok2 or iLok3 is optional. Redeem your demo code with the iLok License Manager. If you don't have the License Manager on your computer, go to Ilok.com to get your free copy. . And of course you also need a Bricasti M7 and a MIDI interface

Please be prepared when you redeem the demo license. Make sure you have the time set aside and plenty of material to throw at it. This plugin cannot be re-demoed.

Also be aware that redeeming the demo license will place you on the Exponential Audio mailing list so that you can learn about deals, updates and new releases. Your information will never be sold or distributed to anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time by following this link.

Supported Platforms

  • VST (64 bit only), VST3 (64bit only), AU (64-bit only), AAX (64 bit)
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10
  • OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later
  • Please note that 32-bit AU, VST and VST3 are not supported.  Also note that OS X Snow Leopard and Lion are not supported.

And remember, you must own an iLok2 or iLok3 key in order to run this demo. 

Have you tried the M7Control demo before? If so, this code will not work. Don't even try. There is no available re-demo for this plugin.

Demo code: 6239-0660-3550-2297-5906-1761-8728-53

And you can grab the DEMO DOWNLOAD HERE

If you decide not to purchase M7Control, be sure to run the uninstaller to remove it from your system (for Mac, the uninstaller is included in the package you download.  For Windows, uninstall like any other program). That will prevent annoying requests to enter a license code after the demo period expires.