NIMBUS Is Here - Upgrades Start At $99

The wait is over. Exponential Audio’s next generation reverb is now in the Exponential Audio Store. You’ve already heard what top mixers have to say about the power of NIMBUS. Sound, efficiency and ease of use have long been the bywords of Exponential Audio and NIMBUS ups the ante once again. Powerful EQ, dynamic tail management, innovative warp and tons of presets add a whole new set of colors to your mixing palette.  There’s simply nothing like NIMBUS.

Through October 5, you can purchase NIMBUS for only $139. And if you already have any other Exponential Audio plugin—any plugin—you can upgrade for only $99!  After October 5, NIMBUS will be $199 (upgrade $139).

To learn more about NIMBUS, read all about it.  If you’d like to try out a fully-functional demo, it’s right here. To purchase, you can visit the Exponential Audio Store.  And for our very special upgrade offer, just fill out this form.

Official NIMBUS Video Tutorials - Free From Groove 3

There’s more good news.  Groove3 has partnered with Exponential Audio to create a series of instructional videos for NIMBUS. These videos are absolutely free for online viewing and only require a free Groove3 membership. You can see them right here.

Once again, Exponential Audio has advanced the art of reverberation.

Visit our website and learn all about our growing family of plugins. Don’t delay.  Special pricing ends after October 5.