Excalibur Explained® - Free Five-part Video Series From Groove 3

Excalibur is Exponential Audio's powerful effects processing plugin. Its power is matched by its depth, and perhaps you've been overwhelmed.  Never fear--it's Groove3 to the rescue!  We've partnered with them to provide Excalibur Explained®, a five-part video series that gets you off to a running start.  Eli Krantzberg walks you through the basics of routing, delay and modulation and gets you ready to start programming Excalibur on your own.

If you already have Excalibur in your plugin folder, then this series may show you things you didn't know.  If you're thinking about adding it, then Excalibur Explained® is a must. Excalibur comes with hundreds of presets, but you'll get the most out of it when you take control for yourself. And here's the best part:  you can watch Excalibur Explained® for free, along with all of Groove3's other videos (including NIMBUS and R4).  All you have to go is go here and enter the code expo7day. You'll have a 7-day all-access pass to see everything there.  You'll have the opportunity to become a regular Groove3 subscriber.  Your software--whether from Exponential Audio or somewhere else--has power you may not even know about.  Let Groove3 help you master it all. This Groove3 offer runs from now through Sunday March 25.

And there's one last thing:  Through March 31, we've got very special pricing on Excalibur. The offer is only available here. You won't find it on the store. So join the Excalibur party.  Head to Groove3 and enter the code expo7day.  Excalibur is a great plugin when you simply use it.  Think of what you can do when you master it.