Excalibur Included In 5 Multi-Effects Plug-Ins You Might Have Missed List

Review of Exclibur

We are delighted to have Excalibur, our multi-effects plugin included in the list of 5 Multi-Effects Plug-Ins You Might Have Missed.

The list compiled by Audiofanzine says of Exclaibur;

"If you want a versatile effects processor that offers extreme signal-routing flexibility, take a look at Excalibur."

The article goes on to say of the complex and powerful routing in Excalibur;

"So many possibilities inevitably add up to a learning curve you may find daunting. Its well-organized user interface helps, however, and once you’ve made the effort to learn your way around, you’ll have an effects plug-in that doles out unprecedented degrees of customization and control."

Our goal when creating any Exponential Audio plugin is powerful features coupled with ease of use. It's nice to see that we've succeeded with Excalibur.

Download a fully working demo of Excalibur

The article was written by Geary Yelton, Electronic Musician’s former senior editor. He has been writing for EM continually since 1985. He authored two editions of The Rock Synthesizer Manual, wrote the first book on producing music with the Mac and served as staff synthesist for three major Atlanta recording studios. Currently, he's a freelance writer and consultant for the Bob Moog Foundation and lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he’s preparing for the First Continuum Fingerboard Festival on June 9–11, 2016