Happy New Year! ..and here's a new way to upgrade

It’s 2019 now and we’d like to wish you all the best for the New Year. We’ve made a significant change in our upgrade center. The old upgrade center is gone and it’s been replaced with a new one.

The old upgrade center could be confusing. You had to sort out what you already had and then purchase an upgrade from that specific product. If was pretty easy to order the wrong package or find that there was no upgrade path. We always got you fixed up, but it was really time-consuming. No one will miss it.

Upgrades are now simple. You just let us know that you want to purchase a new Exponential Audio plugin (or perhaps a second copy of what you already have). We’ll take a peek at your account and then send you a discount code. Discounts range from 20% to 50%, depending on what you already have. You don’t have to tell us what you’d like—the code will apply to anything in the store!

Is there a downside? Your request must be reviewed by a human (we’d love this to be automated, but that’s way off in the future). It may take a full business day to get your code back to you. We’re off on weekends and U.S. holidays. So this process could be a little slower. But remember that your discount code will save money on anything in the store: you’re not restricted the way you were with the old upgrade center.

So if you already have Exponential Audio plugins, think about adding something else. You’ll find nice discounts available at our new Upgrade Center.