CPU Licensing Now Available for Stereo Classic Plugins

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Exponential Audio's Stereo Classic family of plugins (PhoenixVerb, R2, M7Control, Excalibur) have now been expanded to include CPU-based licensing in addition to iLok.  Nearly all new and existing licenses are covered by this change (see notes below). 

Do you already have a license?  To move it to your CPU, simply launch iLok License Manager and move the license off your iLok and up to your account.  License Manager needs to see the license in order to update it. You should then be able to move it to your CPU. Here is a more detailed explanation of how this works. If you're purchasing a new license, you'll be given the choice as to where the license should go.

We still recommend use of an iLok as the best way to manage your licenses.  But perhaps you'll find CPU licensing to be a good solution when you're on the go.  You can easily move the license between iLok and CPU. There are some things to be aware of if you choose the CPU route.  Read here for a description.

In order to take advantage of CPU-based licensing, you'll also need to update the plugins.  Please head to the download page and grab the newest versions.

We're happy to bring you this new option and we hope you find it helpful.

Note 1: All other Exponential Audio plugins (NIMBUS, R4, PhoenixVerbSurround, R2Surround, Stratus and Symphony) remain iLok-only products.

Note 2: Some NFR and EDU licenses (issued before May 11, 2018) will not be updated to include CPU licensing.