Free Updates Available for All Exponential Audio Plugins

Happy New Year 2018!
We've been busy for the last several months working on a late 2017 release. It turned into an early 2018 release, but it's here now! 

What's New?

  • Excalibur 2.1.6
  • M7 Control 1.1.6
  • NIMBUS 1.0.4
  • R4 1.0.2
  • PhoenixVerb 3.0.6
  • R2 3.0.6
  • PhoenixVerbSurround 2.0.5
  • R2Surround 2.0.5
  • Stratus 1.0.1 (includes Windows)
  • Stratus3D 1.0.1 (includes Windows)
  • Symphony 1.0.1 (includes Windows)
  • Symphony 1.0.1 (includes Windows)

There are lots of fixes and improvements, some quite significant. You'll find release notes in the installer packages. All of these have been tested on the newest versions of MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10. 

You can get them in the download area 

Who's eligible?
If you've got a valid license for the plugin(s)--regular, student, promotional, demo, NFR--you're eligible for the free upgrade. 

Very Important: Read before you install 
These updates require the latest version of iLok License Manager (4.0.3 and up). This is available at and is free. Please install this and reboot your system before proceeding. You must also update the firmware in your iLok. That's easy to do. Sign in to License Manager, right-click on the icon for your iLok and choose "Synchronize". You must do this before running the plugins. 

Anything else?  
We recommend that you keep your previous installer in a backup area. We do everything we can to make sure upgrades are compabible. But just in case, you should always have a backup of previous installers. We make older versions available for a revision or two, but we don't keep them forever. 

If you're using Pro Tools 10 
This is the last release with support for AAX-32. It's been a great ride, but we have to turn our attention to newer workstations on more secure versions of your operating system. All of our plugins will continue to receive updates, but you'll need to update your Pro Tools.