Updates for PhoenixVerb, R2, M7Control and Excalibur

                    ...and they're free.

What's New?  


  • PhoenixVerb 3.0.5
  • R2 3.0.5
  • Excalibur 2.1.5
  • M7Control 1.1.5

There are lots of fixes and improvements. You'll find release notes in the installer packages. 

You can get them at the download area 

Who's eligible?
If you've got a valid license for the plugin(s)--regular, student, promotional, demo, NFR--you're eligible for the free upgrade. 

Anything else?  
We recommend that you keep your previous installer in a backup area. We do everything we can to make sure upgrades are compatible. But just in case, you should always have a backup of previous installers. We make older versions available for a revision or two, but we don't keep them forever.