Exponential Audio announces Cable Magic Plug-in

Cable Magician

Not content to make the finest reverbs and effects in the world, Exponential Audio has turned their attention to the biggest problem in audio--speaker cables.  But we don't use the typical approach--fancy copper at exorbitant prices.  Instead, we've solved the problem with DSP. Say hello to Cable Magic!

Every Nanosecond Counts

Did you know that 20 meters of high-quality cable will introduce a delay of over 87 nanoseconds? When you're trying to put down a tight mix, that's enough to really throw off your timing.  And that's just for ideal cable.  Cables from different manufacturers can have wildly different numbers.  So even if you--like most professionals--measure your cables with a micrometer, it's not nearly close enough.  And you can forget that fancy cable with electron alignment. One good snare drum hit will scramble those electrons so that they won't know which direction they're facing. If your electrons are confused, you will be too.

Cable Magic Solves The Problem

Cable Magic has two simple components--measurement and correction.  First, connect each speaker wire from your amplifier to your preamp input and click the "Measure" button.  We'll generate a short signal that measures the length and impedance of the cable (it's a good idea to leave the room while we're measuring).  To save time, we've got presets for most manufacturers of premium cable. And it works with other cables too--mic, instrument and MIDI!

Once you've measured your cables, just click the "Correct" button on the plugin and get back to mixing.  We'll align all your channels and remove the cable delay so you hear the mix right as it happens.  How do we remove the delay?  It's with our special predictive DSP.  When you listen to a favorite song, you already know what's coming.  Why shouldn't your cables?

Pricing And Specification

Cable Magic is available now at the low price of $99 ($599 Canadian).  It's available in AAX, AU and VST for Mac, Windows and Atari-ST.

For those not sure, this was our contribution to April Fools Day... :)