Public Beta Versions Of Exponential Audio Plug-ins Now Available

We weren't planning on another release in 2017, but we decided to do one last minor tweak.  These will be the last releases that support 32-bit AAX, so we'll be saying goodbye to Pro Tools 10 after this code is released.  So if you're running an older Pro Tools system, you're really going to want to try these betas out.

Most of the changes are under the hood: just a bit of tightening up.  We did make sure that our Windows installers are now properly signed (just as our Mac installers are), so you won't get those "Unknown publisher" messages any longer.  You'll find more details in the release notes that come with the installers.  We expect this to be a very short beta, ending in early-mid November.

Remember that you can use the beta as long as you hold a valid license for the plugin.  You can download betas from here.

One last thing:  If you happen to be in New York for AES, you may get a sneak preview of some brand new Exponential Audio products. You just have to head over to the right demo area.  Might be Avid, might be in a few other spots.  Keep your eyes peeled.