Announcing NIMBUS: The New Reverb Plugin From Exponential Audio

We've been busy at Exponential Audio and it's time to let you know just what we've been doing. It's NIMBUS, the next generation of reverb.

We started with the proven sound of PhoenixVerb. Next we thought long and hard about just what you need to do for a great mix. Then we worked day and night to make it happen. Here it is.

What's so special about NIMBUS?

First and foremost it's the sound. There's the purity of its PhoenixVerb core, but with lots of new goodies.  

There's an expanded EQ section. There's a new dynamics process called Tail Suppression that helps lower reverb levels when input signal is strong. You can now lock predelay and reverb delay to tempo. There are more choices for early reflection patterns. And finally there's a new Warp section with an input compressor/expander, an overdrive circuit and word-size reduction to give the sound of those early digital reverbs.

Exponential Audio is well-known for making stable and efficient plugins. That's a strength that continues with NIMBUS.  Run dozens of instances. Your computer won't even sweat.

NIMBUS is easy to use. If you don't like to edit, there are over 1200 presets right out of the box. Find the ones you need by keywords or even by search. You can be mixing in a minute.  And if editing plugins is your thing, then you'll find tooltips that tell you about every single control.

Grammy nominated mixer and producer Andy Bradfield talks about NIMBUS the new reverb from Exponential Audio. He talks about the new features such as Warp, Tail Suppression, Input Filters and many more things that make it reverb reinvented.

When can I get NIMBUS?

NIMBUS will be available on September 26, right in the Exponential Audio webstore. Just like our other products, you'll be able to try it for yourself with a free 21-day demo. If you're not on the mailing list, be sure to sign up now so you'll know as soon as it's released.

How much will NIMBUS cost?

NIMBUS will be $199. There will also be a special upgrade offer for owners of any other Exponential Audio plugin. But for a very limited time after product release, there will be special pricing. Be sure not to miss it!

How can I learn more about NIMBUS?

Why not start here? You'll find technical details, system requirements, video tutorials and sound examples.