M7Control : New Version 1.1.2 adds support for Pro Tools 12.5.1 under Windows

At the time M7Control was released, we were unable to provide support for Pro Tools under Windows.  Pro Tools handles MIDI very differently in Windows than it does in OS X.  But our friends at Avid have provided a workaround that allows M7Control to work nicely under Windows Pro Tools. This requires the just-released Pro Tools 12.5.1 and will not work under any earlier version. And there's a little bit of work that you'll have to do, but it's a simple procedure. You can find it in the User Guide or in this video.

You can find this just-released version 1.1.2 on our download page. In addition to the new Windows AAX version, you'll find a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Thanks to our friends at Avid for their support!