Updates For All Exponential Audio Stereo Plugins

If you have a license for PhoenixVerb, R2, Excalibur or M7Control, then head over to the download page and get your free update. You'll find new features like a powerful preset search.  You'll find a much-improved VST3 experience, new presets, bug fixes and efficiency improvements. And did you see the part that said free?

New Session Format

There's a new format for saving sessions--faster and more secure--so be sure to update while you're between projects. You won't be able to restore those values in previous versions of the plugins. Don't worry: you'll always be able to load projects you made with older versions of the plugins.

Surround Coming Soon

If you have surround versions of the plugs, you'll see updaters very soon.  If you're on the mailing list then you'll be notified.

How to get the updates

Simply go to the download page, select your platform and download the installers you want. Remember: if you have a license--even a current demo license--it's free.