Christopher Bourque wins Exponential Audio in PTE prize draw

Christoper Bourque in studio

Christoper Bourque in studio

At the end of 2015, Pro Tools Expert hosted their Brand of the Year competition.  Exponential Audio was one of the brands selected for this competition.  As part of the competition a prize drawing was held, with Exponential Audio plugins among the prizes.  Our winner was Christopher Bourque in Houston Texas.  He's got a tremendously varied portfolio and we'll let him describe it in his own words:

My recording history has revolved around audio post and music recording (mostly classical). I've been working as a freelance engineer in Houston, TX for the last 18 months focusing on audio for film and video but I spent the previous 15 years as the senior audio engineer at a post specializing in localization of Japanese animation. Since my departure I'm focusing on audio post for independent films, score mixing, sound design or final mix in 5.1. When I'm not mixing in studio I record for the local classical/NPR station tracking chamber ensembles as well as the Houston Ballet Orchestra and Houston Symphony Orchestra.

My studio consists of a three workstation dual-operator room running a mix of TDM & Native HD with my main rig running PT|HD 11 Native. On that rig I have been using Exponential Audio's PhoenixVerb Surround as my go to reverb for surround and stereo mixes. It's extremely DSP friendly as I have many surround instantiations built into my templates and seldom hit my CPU threshold. Sonically, I find it very useful for sounds that I'm trying to keep in natural environments; which happens a lot with ADR and foley mixing. It's very quick to give me what I need when I need it. I've used it on everything from sound design elements, score mixes and principal ADR for room matching. It does it all and does it well!

I was so pleased to discover that I was the winner Exponential Audio's prize in the Brand of the Year drawing. In addition to that, I received an email from Michael Carnes stating that he was going to award R2Surround and the stereo reverb bundle to compliment my PhoenixVerb Surround and Excalibur bundle. I'm certain that they will all find places in my templates as they vary depending on the project. They just sound too good not to.

Learn about the other prize winners on the PTE website. Congratulations Chris!