The End of the Road Is Coming for Older Plugin Formats

If you're affected, be sure to test the current beta.  More details at the end of this post.

We told you this was coming back in the spring.  With the next release (coming at about the end of 2016) Exponential Audio will be dropping continued support for 32-bit versions of AU, VST and VST3 in all plugins.  32-bit AAX will continue for a bit longer.  For OS X users, we're also dropping support for 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion).

Which plugins are affected?

PhoenixVerb, R2, PhoenixVerb Surround, R2 Surround, Excalibur and M7Control.

Will this next release still have the 32-bit versions and the older Mac versions?

Yes, but this will be the last.  It will remain available on the website for quite some time.

What if I find a problem in a 32-bit version of the plugin after this coming release?

The problem may be fixed in 64-bit versions, but there will be no more 32-bit releases.

Why are you dropping support for the old versions?

The truth is that almost everyone has moved on to newer versions of the OS and newer versions of their favorite DAWs.  Testing and maintaining the old formats is very time-consuming and we'd rather place the effort on newer features and new plugins.

Will there be continued support for 64-bit versions of these plugins?


If I update my computer and my workstation, can I still get newer builds of the plugins?

Of course.  If you have a permanent license or a current subscription, you'll always be able to update if your system is up to it.

If I find something in the beta, will you fix it before you release?

If it is a significant and repeatable problem then yes, we'll fix it before we release. But you'll have to find it soon.

Here's what's in the beta and how you can get it:

There are a number of bug fixes.  We've also included the popular tooltips feature that we introduced in NIMBUS. To download the beta, just head to the beta page.  You'll find download links, descriptions of changes, and a link to a report form.

If you are affected by this notice, you will need to test the beta very soon. Thank you!