Extension of NIMBUS introduction

We've been overwhelmed! Orders and upgrades for NIMBUS have exceeded our expectations. So we're going to extend the introductory period. Special pricing will now end on Friday Oct 7 at noon Pacific Time (US). So get your orders in quickly.

Paypal issues

We're not the only ones who were overwhelmed. We discovered that in many cases Paypal was not sending our invoices to you. This was especially true for email addresses in the mac.comme.com and icloud.com domains. We haven't yet received a full explanation from Paypal, but we have a workaround that seems to be doing the job. If we receive your order during the intro period, we won't stop until NIMBUS is in your hands.

Still on the fence? You’ve already heard what top mixers have to say about the power of NIMBUS. Sound, efficiency and ease of use have long been the bywords of Exponential Audio and NIMBUS ups the ante once again. Powerful EQ, dynamic tail management, innovative warp and tons of presets add a whole new set of colors to your mixing palette. In just the last few days, it's already appeared in mixes, television spots and at least one film! There’s simply nothing like NIMBUS.

Over the rest of the introductory period, you can purchase NIMBUS for only $139. And if you already have any other Exponential Audio plugin—any plugin—you can upgrade for only $99! After October 7, NIMBUS will be $199 (upgrade $139).

Thanks so much for your interest in NIMBUS.  Don't miss out!