Subscriptions: A Whole New Way to Add Exponential Audio to Your Studio

We're often asked why there isn't a subscription/rental option for Exponential Audio. You don't have to ask that question any longer.  As of right now, there's a brand new option.  You can now subscribe to either of two bundles - a stereo bundle with PhoenixVerb, R2 and Excalibur, or a super bundle that adds PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround to that package.

You can subscribe for as little as a month or as long as a year: whatever works best for you or your facility.


Exponential Audio And Gobbler

Exponential Audio has partnered with Gobbler to make this possible. Exponential makes the plug-ins and Gobbler manages the subscriptions. We're proud to be among the very first plug-in developers to work with Gobbler in their new store. They've already proven themselves to be a top choice in cloud collaboration. With their new store, they've created new possibilities that make it easier for you to upgrade your studio. We'll be joining some of your favourite plug-in makers to offer this service over the coming weeks and months.

You Can Choose To Pay The Way That Suits You

Subscriptions don't replace permanent licenses, and the last thing we're going to do is push you in that direction. Permanent licenses work really well for most people and they'll always be fully supported - just as they are now.  But for some people, subscriptions are the choice that works. Whether it's a tight budget or whether you'd prefer to bill your plugins to a project, subscription/rental might be the answer for you.  

Reduce Overhead - Pay When You Need Them

Even if you have permanent licenses, you may need to bring in extra mixers to meet a deadline.  Subscribing to a few extra copies could make a lot of sense.

To learn more, why not visit our new Subscription Center.  It's one more way to add the best plugins to your own toolkit!