Updates Now Available For All Exponential Audio Plugins

Freshen up your plugins with free updates

Freshen up your plugins with free updates

Exponential Audio has just released updates for all plugins: PhoenixVerb, R2, PhoenixVerb Surround, R2 Surround and Excalibur. These updates are available at no cost to license holders, and may be downloaded at the download page.

Each plugin has its own fixes and improvements, along with new presets.  But several changes are common to all five plugins.  Among those are:

  • Improved graphics performance.  OSX Yosemite brought several changes in graphics drivers that occasionally caused flashes when rendering plugins.  This has been substantially improved in this new update.  A few Windows graphics cards had similar issues, and they should also see improvements.
  • New characters in preset names. Many languages use diacriticals (accents, umlauts, etc) that are not part of the English character set.  You can now use many of those characters in user preset names and keywords.
  • Improved installers.  Common default choices are improved.  Windows users no longer need to uninstall before installing new versions.

There are many more improvements, all described in the release notes that accompany each installer. As always, there is no charge for the updates.  So if you have any kind of license--even a demo--you can install the new versions.  Downloads are here.