New Page On Support Site: Problems and Solutions

You'll find a new link under the Contact & Support menu. This link will take you to a new Problems and Solutions page.  This describes a few workarounds, known issues and things of that nature. The goal is to let you solve your problems more quickly--possibly saving the bother of filing a help ticket. The page is pretty simple right now, but will grow.

I'm sure there are plenty of other common issues that can be solved here.  Some may be simple pilot error on the part of the user.  Some may be inadequate description by Exponential Audio. Some may be problems with a particular DAW and some may be--gasp--bugs. As always, we're open to suggestions about things that might be covered here. If it's an issue that's very specific to your situation, this might not be the place.  But if it's a common, generic sort of issue, then please suggest it.

This is a page that's been needed for a while.  Hope it turns out to be helpful!