Murray Campbell Makes Music Down Under

If we step outside the Exponential Audio office and dig a long, long way, we might just come up in Murray Campbell's yard.  Murray's in Perth, Australia and he combines a busy career in law with a busy career in music.

Murray began a playing career as a drummer/percussionist, working more than 30 years in bands and at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. In the mid 90's, he found his way to computer-based music. 

A 2MB Mac and a pile of MIDI modules were just the start of a long trek. Murray remembers that time:  “Back then it could take hours to tweak the tempo in a few loops and samples just to audition them in songs. A long way from the real time auditions which are the norm these days”. 

These efforts grew into BeatworldMurray's own label (with collaborator Roni Francois). This internet-based label has a global reach and takes full advantage of the independence that comes with our new online world. These days his Logic-based studio is entirely ITB. Murray is obsessed with sound (he once worked in a hi-fi shop) and plugins (just ask his wife Jane). He enjoys doing remixes and some mastering, as well as beta testing for a number of respected plugin developers.

While Murray still claims to be only a drummer, he's being modest.  Attention to detail marks his work, and he says this:  “The process, the journey and the endless options for experimentation with ITB production is the real fun for me, rather than worrying about the final destination. I really enjoy taking the microscope to each beat and bar and probably worry about things that others might not be bothered by. Attention to detail is important to me”.

Murray's been kind enough to share a sneak preview of a new Beatworld single: Here Becomes There. He brings in a pair of collaborators--Keith Robinson on trumpet and "Fred", the built-in voice on his Mac.

Exponential Audio is a big part of the mix.  R2 is the reverb, in six instances. Excalibur shows up four times as well (main vox, 2nd fox, guitar harmonics, trumpet in the chorus).  Murray starts with built-in presets and then tweaks until he gets just what he wants.

Many readers combine their love of music with an outside career.  Murray's got some great advice for them: " I have a set of horrible desktop speakers in the office which are perfect for testing mixes”.

Hear more of Murray's work by visiting Beatworld.