Michael Carnes Visits Bobby Owsinski's Podcast

Bobby Owsinski has been a driving force in the audio industry for a long time. His list of credits would be a complete bio for a lot of engineers, but it's just the beginning for Bobby. He's written 23 books (and counting) full of tips for engineers wanting to learn new skills. He's written articles for just about every major industry publication and he's even a frequent visitor to Forbes.

It was a real treat to be invited onto Bobby's Inner Circle podcast. Turns out that he's a pretty good interviewer as well. Even though I've known Bobby for quite a few years, it's still a pleasure to hear his well-focused questions. You're invited to listen in on our conversation.

To hear the podcast, please visit Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle and find Episode #53.  And be prepared to revisit Bobby's site frequently--there's lots to learn.

Michael Carnes