Nedim Zengovski Goes Exponential: Updated

Back in the spring of 2015, we introduced you to Nedim.  We're reprinting that item here and we'll bring up up to date at the end of the article.

If you use samplers and synths in your music, then Nedim Zengovski is a name you're likely to know. Nedim is the force behind Basari Studios, and has made many of the sounds you hear in modern music production--especially if you want a Middle Eastern color. He's made libraries for Korg, Kontakt and other popular instruments.

Nedim in Studio

Nedim in Studio

But Nedim is a musician in his own right, and he uses lots of Exponential Audio in his work. He's been kind enough to share a piece with us. Air Music uses a pair of PhoenixVerbs and another pair of R2s. It's a nice atmospheric piece that shows how well Nedim knows his way around a synth and a reverb. To get the most out of both reverbs, he's automated both reverb time and mix.

Thanks to Nedim for sharing this nice piece.  He's got Excalibur now, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

Update: A Brand New Track

Nedim has updated his rig and now uses NIMBUS, R4 and Excalibur.  He's been kind enough to share a pulsing new track that features all three. It's a nice mix of new and classic sounds and we're sure you're going to enjoy it!