Excalibur To Be Released On March 23, 2015

The wait is almost over! March 23 (noon PDT--Los Angeles time) has been selected as the release date for Excalibur.  This exciting new plugin has gone through extensive testing and is now getting its last bits of polish. The normal pricing of $199 / €179 has been set aside for special introductory pricing of $119 / €109. This introductory period will extend through April 10, so don't wait. There will be new bundles as well.  Everything will appear on the web store on March 23.  And of course you'll be able to try a fully-functional demo, just like other Exponential Audio plugins (iLok2 is required).

And you might just get Excalibur for free!  Just visit the Facebook page and click on the "sign-up" button.  You might just be the lucky person to win the very first copy. The prize drawing will happen on the morning of the 23rd, just before Excalibur goes on sale.

But for now be sure to visit Exponential Audio, listen to audio examples of Excalibur and take a look at the other fine plugins that can elevate your sound.