Winner Of The Excalibur Plugin Contest

The winner of the Excalibur plugin contest and the first person to get their hands on a copy is Kelly Cole.

Kelly is the Senior Re-recording Mixer and Sound Supervisor at Sharpe Sound Studios in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  For the last 20+ years he has been working at Sharpe on various Film, Television and Video productions ranging from Feature Films (A Single Shot, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet) to TV series (Stargate SGU, Continuum, Intruders).  Kelly tells us that they are currently the largest audio post production house in Western Canada.

Kelly says;

"My primary reason for entering is I have been really impressed with the PhoenixVerb and I looking forward to using Excalibur as a vocal processor."

Well done Kelly!

A huge thank you to the thousands who entered, sorry you didn't win this time.

For more information Excalibur visit the product page