Winner Of Our Exponential Audio Super Reverb + Excalibur Bundle

Thanks to all the people who entered our prize draw for the chance to win the Exponential Audio Super Reverb + Excalibur Bundle.

The winner is Ludovic Morin, this is what he had to say:

For the past three years I‘ve been working as a Senior Audio Lecturer at SAE Institute Oxford, UK. I also work as a freelance sound engineer mainly in music recording/producing/mixing and film sound post. I tend to work on a variety of very different projects: experimental/ambient, electronic, classical and pop music, music for commercials, sound design and mix for films… I am passionate with synthesis and sound design: I like my analogue modular synths as well as audio programming environments such as MAX7 or Puredata. I work essentially in Pro Tools and with two upcoming albums to produce, I can’t wait to incorporate “Excalibur” to my plugin collection!

We can't wait to here your new stuff too Ludovic and well done!

The prize draw was to celebrate the launch of our new Bricasti M7 Control plugin, find out more here.