Exponential Audio Announces 3DLink for Surround Reverbs

Click on the image for an introductory video explaining 3D Link

Click on the image for an introductory video explaining 3D Link

Exponential Audio will soon be shipping their 3DLink for Surround reverbs.  This is an extension to PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround reverbs that supports reverb configurations up to 14.1, even on workstations without 3D tracks.  Dolby Atmos® and Auro3D® are the primary applications for 3DLink, but it can also be used for live applications as well as venues and attractions requiring height channels.

3DLink works by combining pairs of surround reverbs (one on low bus and the other on high) into single reverb entities, with audio shared in a natural way between the two.  Parameters may be locked or independent.  3DLink may be used to synthesize a full 3D reverb from a simple 2D--or even mono--signal.  3DLink may also be used in conjunction with a 3D panner to create a fully responsive reverb, with natural propagation of input from up to 15 simultaneous channels--high and low.

Please watch the introductory video to learn more about 3DLink.

This will be part of our 1.1.0 release and will be free to all licensed users.  

Beta Program

This version is currently in beta.  3DLink has been tested in both Pro Tools and Nuendo.  If you currently work in Auro3D® or Dolby Atmos®, are a licensed user, and would be interested in participating in testing, please contact Exponential Audio.  

A broader public beta will be announced at a later date.