Designing Reverb Plug-ins - Michael Carnes Talks With Pro Tools Expert

Exponential Founder - Michael Carnes

Exponential Founder - Michael Carnes

Last year Michael recorded an interview with Mike Thornton from Pro Tools Expert.

If you are new to Exponential Audio then you may want to take a listen.

In this extended interview Michael talks about his history in the audio and recording world, his over 20 years at Lexicon developing some of the world's top reverb units.

He also talks about the difference between hardware and software reverbs and also shares his thoughts on the difference between algorithmic and convolution reverb technologies.

During the interview Michael talks about the constraints of DSP audio processing solutions and optimising his plug-ins to maximise sound and minimising native processing load.

This one hour interview is an excellent resource for those who want to know more about how modern reverb solutions work.

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