Welcome To The New Exponential Audio Web Site


So we got a face lift, well a lot more actually, we go right under the hood and built a new web site sitting on the latest web technology.

Most of us carry the web around in our pockets on our smart phones, or on tablets and one thing that always drives me crazy is going to a website and having to resize the pages, I also hate having to scroll down through long pages to find what I need.

I thought my plug-ins can do it so why not my website?

So we've built this entire site using responsive design, you can resize the browser and the site resizes to match, open it on a phone and it's resized to match you phone or tablet's screen.

Beyond the architecture there is lots of new content. We've improved our FAQs sections for general, stereo and surround questions, so you can find answers fast. We've got the brand new news section and soon you'll be able to read about some of the cool work top artists in music and post are doing with Exponential plug-ins.

Don't forget to check out our latest videos too!

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Thanks for supporting my work I appreciate it!