Return of the Time Lord

A great garage is awesome for drums

A great garage is awesome for drums

Michael has recently been featured on the Avid Blog,

"I’ve always been curious about how we hear space. There are some aspects of our perception that have clear survival components and kept our ancestors from becoming lunch. Our ability to determine position from a few reflections is quite keen. But our perception of later components—the reverberant field—is something else. Our brain reduces what it hears into something we call reverberation.

Where is that division between accurate perception and data reduction? What really matters in the way we hear it? What do we find pleasant and what is it we don’t like? How do these all things become part of an efficient algorithm? Any time you enter an interesting space—whether indoors or out—you’ll see someone with his eyes closed, clapping hands and turning in a slow circle. That’s me...

click here to read the entire article complete with tips on using reverb.

Source: Avid Blogs