Notice to Pro Tools Users

A problem in Pro Tools automation has been verified.  This occurs in Release 2.1.0 of PhoenixVerb and R2. It also affects users of the recent 1.2.0 Beta of the surround reverbs. The problem causes automated parameters to snap back and forth.

This problem only affects ProTools users.

 If you are using another plugin form (AU, VST, VST3) you may continue using the version you're using.

What to do?

A fix is being investigated and should be available within a few days. For the time being, it is recommended that stereo users return to version 2.0.2, which is available here. Testers of the surround beta should return to the release version, which is available here. We'll update this news feed when fixes are available.

Exponential Audio apologizes

We're deeply sorry if you've been affected by this. We test intensely in-house and offer pre-release test versions to any interested user.  But this one slipped past. We'll work day and night to get it repaired.