Update on Pro Tools Automation Issue

New OSX betas have been built for all Exponential Audio reverbs. These address the automation issue that was reported on December 9. Windows versions will be made available as soon as possible, but it might be another day or so.

Update is recommended for all Mac Pro Tools users using PhoenixVerb or R2 V 2.1.0. The new betas are available here. An alternate would be to go back to 2.0.2 (available here), but your help on the beta would be appreciated. Again, deepest apologies if your workflow has been interrupted.

If you are working with the surround reverbs in Mac AAX and have remained on the 1.1.0 release, there's no reason not to stay there a while longer. If you have been working with the 1.2.0 beta, then an update is recommended. That can be downloaded here.

The other formats (AU, VST, VST3) are also available in these betas, but there is little change and no urgency if you use those formats.

But I'm using Windows

Windows builds take considerably longer than Mac builds.  They will be made available as soon as they're ready.  That will be announced on this newsfeed.

One other small addition

These new betas also introduce automatic version checking. If your computer is connected to the web, then the plugin will check to see if a newer version is available. If there is a new version, a subtle link will appear on the GUI.  It should be informative but not distracting.  You're always in control of when you update--this is just a link that will take you to the download area when you're ready.