New Betas For All Exponential Audio Plugins

We've been busy, fixing some bugs and making a few enhancements to all of our plugins.  If you have a valid license, then we invite you to help us test these new versions.  There are a few fixes for very obscure bugs as well as some fixes for automation control and display. And we've got new, tighter control layouts for Avid's S3 and S6 desks, along with the Artist Series. Perhaps we've fixed a problem you've experienced.

Find out all about it at the Beta Download Page.  We got new betas for PhoenixVerb, R2, M7Control, Excalibur, PhoenixVerb Surround, R2 Surround, NIMBUS and R4.

These changes have been underway in-house for a while, but now we need the help of the larger Exponential Audio community.  If you've got a little time, your help is appreciated.