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PhoenixVerb at $49 Is a Steal!

Lots of people have already taken advantage of the best deal ever. How about you? For years you've been hearing about the natural sound, flexibility and low CPU load of PhoenixVerb. We think everyone should have a copy of PhoenixVerb. So for a limited time you can get it for only $49/€49. It's a fully-capable version--with nothing taken away--at the lowest price we've ever offered. This price is available only through December 9, so don't wait.

Big Deals All Over The Store

All other plugins and upgrades are offered at up to 30% savings. Visit the web store and the upgrade center to learn more. And don't forget the magic discount codes. If you're purchasing in dollars, use the code HappyDollars2016. For Euros, use HappyEuros2016.Don't miss out.  The sale ends after December 9.